Yacht Availabilities when buying a yacht


When is the bext time to look for a yacht to buy ?

When is this yacht available for sale ?

Is this yacht available for sale now ?

These are typical questions coming up from potential buyers to yacht brokers when planning to buy a yacht.

There are 2 types of yachts for sale in the market :

a. Private yachts

b. Charter yachts

Discussing further the above 2 types :


Private Yachts :

Private yachts for sale belong to private people and are being used for the private pleasure of their owner. They could be available for sale anytime in the year however sometimes if the yacht has not been sold by early summer, the private owner might express interest to keep the yacht for the summer and put it up for sale again from September or October.

This is not a rule and thus each case should be dealt with individually.

Charter Yachts :

Charter yachts for sale might belong to pivate individuals or charter companies.

Their primary use is to carry out charters in the summer months starting as early as April each year and sometimes even from late March to the end of October and sometimes even into November.

The amount of charter commitments depends on various factors, the most important being the age and the type or model of the yacht with others being more popular in demand than others.

When is the best time to buy a yacht and when can someone find the best prices for yachts ?

The greatest availability and selection of yachts for sale is immediately after the end of the charter season, namely at the end of October beginning of November each year.

At this time the yachts have just completed their charter commitments.

The winter maintenance is lying ahead. This means that the sellers are able to provide the lowest price as the yacht has just completed its yearly cycle of operation has provided its revenew and will have period of inactivity and expenses ahead.

At this time the seller might be contemplating on replacing  the yacht with a new one thus be in immediate need of money to accomplish this.

Usually all yachts remain available for sale until the end of the year.

Afterwards though depending on their age and other factors they start receiving charters.

The newer yachts start receiving charter commitments for the next season already from January and gradually the older ones follow as well.

By March many of the yachts being less than 8 years of age will have received enough charters thus making them difficul;t or impossible to sell before the start of the upcoming charter season.

The "difficult" refers to the possibility of transferring the charters to another sister yacht.

By April this restriction starts applying to older yachts as well even those of 20 years old.

In this case the buyer may visit and view a yacht anytime even in mid-summer, however it might not be available for immediate sale.

In such a case the buyer and seller can reach an agreement on price and on a delivery date.

In this case the buyer will have to submit a deposit in order to guarratee that the yacht is reserved for him until the agreed date.

Irrespective of the above, experience has shown that most buyers tend to turn up in search of a yacht in spring.

This has as a result to be disappointed sometimes. for not being able to have the whole boat selection at their immediate disposal.

Hoping with this brief article to give the potential boat buyers a clearer idea of when they should plan to buy a yacht.